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Menú Cuaresma El Ingeniero

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This Holy Week we have a special menu for Thursday 13 and Friday 14! We advise you to book on such special dates to enjoy our menu.

Wagyu in El Ingeniero

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We already have the Wagyu meat available in our Restaurant!

Wagyu is a breed of beef originating in Japan whose flesh is clearly differentiated from any other coil race.

Distinguished by his extraordinary culinary skills. It has a special generic ability to produce an intense marbling, fat infiltration between muscle fibers, which gives its particular flavor attributes when cooked.

Wagyu is one of the most appreciated and selected meats in the world, with a great emphasis on its tenderness, juiciness and exquisite product with a unique flavor and aroma that pay homage to the palate.

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Virtual tour 360º

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We have included a 360º virtual tour of our restaurant, enjoy the views and know our facilities.

El Ingeniero youtube video

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Triptych El Ingeniero

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This is the triptych of The Engineer, provides all the contact information and some pictures of meals and facilities.