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El Ingeniero in Gastroaguacate!

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These days the first days of the avocado have been celebrated in the Benahoarita Archaeological Museum. Today our restaurant was at the Saborea La Palma event: “Gastroaguacate”

After the incorporation of La Palma Island to “Saborea España”, in this first Gastroaguacate La Palma meeting, professionals from the sector met to discuss the importance of avocado in today’s cuisine, with national and international representatives, who with their presentations, showcookings, and of course networking, shared experiences and shared successes and improvements for the cooking of this product. In addition, several tastings were made where the product could be tested in different ways.

The Restaurant El Ingeniero had the honor of coming with several elaborations to encourage those present.

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  1. Mucho éxito Le deseo a este afamado restaurant… Me identifico desde ya con éste por mi doble formación profesional como chef y como ingeniero!… Quisiera tener el honor de visitarlo algún día!

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