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Thank you very much for the 2000 I like it on Facebook!

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We are already 2000 on Facebook!

From the El Ingeniero Restaurant we want to thank each and every one of our followers, 2000 people who accompany us on Facebook with our publications.

We like to say that they are 2000 people, it is not a simple number but a lot of people who follow us in our publications and we are for any kind of consultation and suggestion.

We want to say to each one of the 2000 followers on Facebook: We see you following our publications, We listen to you when you get in touch with us and we care about you.

We are very happy because we have a very nice and numerous community of users and now we are going to continue growing to reach an even higher number.

They say there are not 2 without 3 so … Let’s go for the 3000!

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