Restaurante El Ingeniero


El Ingeniero Restaurante La PalmaThe farmhouse of the farm “El Ingeniero” dates from the early eighteenth century, when the island of Palma produced large quantities of snuff, which this farm was one of the largest producers. It is said that its name comes from the engineer who built the old tunnel of the summit, this being one of its former owners.

In the 90’s was acquired by real estate company that invested in the premises of the farm, rebuilding most of its buildings in the traditional Canarian architecture and adapted to work it and get back a performance. In subsequent years, it was operated by different tenants.

We embarked on this adventure, turning it into a reference restaurant. They join to this experience, sensitivity and, above all, our dream. Since the first time, we stand here, we feel all the magic and power of this unique space. An intense whisper among vegetation thousand scents, he said to us:

“I’m here, wake me sleep”.

We have opted to offer everyone a virtual tour of our facilities so that they can get to know us better, so that the customer already arrives at our restaurant knowing what they are going to find. Our virtual tour is very complete (First European restaurant with a Panoskin Custom Tour activated) so that you can access from the Virtual Tour to book, check the menu, browse the facilities, contact us, see photos of our dishes, watch a presentation video, put the Virtual Tour in Virtual Reality glasses and we can even organize virtual meetings to show our facilities to the clients.

We are currently a reference restaurant on the Island of La Palma as we have participated in various events such as Gastroaguacate de Saborea La Palma, we have held wedding celebrations, communion, baptism, request for a hand or simply a romantic dinner …

Our dream is already a reality.