Restaurante El Ingeniero

Location and Environment



An Exclusive Environment

The Restaurant “El “Ingeniero” is situated in the area of Buenavista de Arriba municipality of Brena Alta, east of the island of La Palma. Just 7 km from the capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma.

Located in the countryside, in a very unique place , housed in an old farmhouse formerly a farm dedicated to growing flowers and palmeño snuff.


An intimate space for all kinds of celebrations ….

This unique place, has the peculiarity of offering both a wide, wide, and for a big celebration or a captivating and recondite corner spaces. An intimate space to enjoy the essence of the most vital things. A meal, delicately prepared and brought to your table with the ritual of the great things.

The scenery of mediocrities, facing the vast ocean of where the islands emerge on the horizon. And the mountain, descending from the summit green pine and laurel forest, transforming the ground gradually surrounded fecund potatoes or millet.

And these active spectator there amid all the time and relativizing you can not escape.

Restaurant “El Ingeniero” House of Food, presents a varied cuisine, with the choice of good ingredients, you get tasty presentations of various cuisines such as Canarian, Mediterranean and Catalan. Jut salads, rice, fish and meat dishes of lamb, roast suckling pig, etc …

It has garden , bar , terrace and care and cozy dining amid a friendly atmosphere and welcoming attached to a helpful and efficient treatment reinforce good culinary restaurant.

“El Ingeniero” It is the ideal place for groups, family celebrations, banquets, business meals, etc …


Distances to the most important services:

  • Santa Cruz de La Palma: 7 km
  • Aeropuerto de La Palma: 10 km
  • Hospital General de La Palma: 1 km
  • Maroparque Isla de La Palma: 1,5 km
  • Breña Alta: 2 km